Four Ways to Gain Some Downtime Today

Four Ways to Gain Some Downtime Today

October 25, 2017

We all have 24 hours a day to make life happen, but between spending chunks of your day in the car, working, managing family commitments, catching up with friends and taking care of responsibilities at home, it doesn’t always feel like it.

Like us, we know you’d enjoy getting some time back in your day – and maybe stealing some moments here and there for much-needed downtime. Luckily, we have a few tried-and-true timesaving strategies – and a few services – to help get you through your busy day from sunup to sun down.

Morning Moves

As soon as the alarm on your smartphone goes off, your mind starts racing. Why? Because you only have two hours to get out the door before your first meeting of the day starts.

What needs to be done: Get dressed, grab breakfast, walk the dog and begin your commute to work or school.

Time-saving tip: Don’t let picking out your clothes for the day interfere with an already busy morning. Instead, consider using any one of a growing number of clothes rental services. Delivering weekly or monthly, you could even save time on laundering and dry cleaning since many of these services take care of this for you.

What to do instead: Roll out your yoga mat for a much-needed “zen” session before you start the day.

How does oil and natural gas contribute? Many yoga mats are made of polyurethane or rubber (as well as other workout equipment), which are products of oil and natural gas. Not to mention, derivatives of oil and natural gas also go into making many synthetic fibers that we find in our wardrobe today, including polyester, nylon, rayon and more.

Mid-Day Dilemma

You just got a call from your in-laws who are “swinging by” tonight to say hello. You’re tied up with commitments out of the house all day, but you really should be home tackling those projects and repairs you’ve been putting off before your guests arrive.

What needs to be done: You’ve been meaning to paint that accent wall and finally hang those family photos.

Time-saving tip: Contact an on-demand home service company like Handy or TaskRabbit to help tackle your to-do list within hours from making your request.

What to do instead: Paint those nails instead! Grab a friend for a mani/pedi break for a little “me” time before your guests arrive.

How does oil and natural gas contribute? It’s likely that your new handy service uses many products derived from oil and natural gas, including the fresh coat of wall paint and the damage-free adhesives to hang those photos. You also might be surprised to know that some nail polish compounds include properties from oil and gas products as well.

Mealtime Done the “Smart” Way

Does it always seem like you’re grabbing the same boring sandwich for lunch? Or is your significant other groaning at the idea of baked chicken again? Perhaps it’s time to switch your menu up a bit!

What needs to be done? Meals that make your mouth water and don’t take hours of prep to get on the table.

Time-saving tip: For the truly time-starved, a wealth of culinary tools like a programmable slow cooker or this digital electric smoker, can help make whipping up the perfect meal a breeze.

What to do instead: Head to the park with your family or your favorite happy hour hangout with friends while your “smart” appliances do the time intensive work for you.

How does oil and gas contribute? From the materials used to make these innovative kitchen appliances to the energy that makes them work, oil and natural gas play a role.

Evening Chores with Gadgets

No one loves chores, but everyone loves a clean house. So rather than finishing your day with what seems like a year’s worth of dishes in the sink or trudging a trail across dusty floors, consider a “smarter” way to handle how you clean house.

What needs to be done: Household cleaning.

Time-saving tip: Take a look at a host of battery-powered robot vacuums, automatic shower cleaners, and even self-cleaning litter boxes to program some extra free time in your day.

What to do instead: Wind down your day by catching up on that new Netflix show that everyone seems to be talking about.

How does oil and gas contribute? Many of the parts of the TV or tablet you’re watching? You guessed it – they come from oil and natural gas products! And from the plastic assembly used to build the robotic vacuum to the packaging filled with soap scum remover, you can be sure that oil and natural gas products are an important part of the formula.

What do They Have in Common?
Gaining back an hour a day goes quite a ways in giving you some much-needed time back on your busiest of days. And it’s pretty amazing to see how oil and gas contribute to the innovations that help make them – and your “down time” – possible.

How do you save time and your sanity around the clock? We’d love to hear your top tips to get the upper hand on your limited time. Share your best stories and photos on Instagram about how products derived from oil and natural gas help you savor those extra minutes – and remember to tag #LookBeyond.

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